Regeneration Program

This program is a powerful journey of healing that explores the “why” behind one’s struggles and existence. In Orientation, residents develop trust as they acclimatize to their new environment and learn about God’s plan for their lives. Regeneration helps residents see the physical and psychological damage addiction causes, while developing ownership over the choices they have made. Biblical mentorship and small group work are key to working through spiritual and mental problems in their lives. Healing root issues, trauma and emotional wounds begin to take place through forgiveness and God’s love. With hope reignited, Discipleship sets a course for the future with a sense of purpose and heart to serve.

Servant Leadership Program

Do you feel called to minister to those struggling with addiction? Our one-year Servant Leadership program provides participants with practical on-the-job training, leadership skills, and the ability to effectively minister within the Regeneration program. This is an excellent opportunity to develop your gifts while impacting the lives of others.

*This program is for interns, mature adults, and Regeneration program graduates

Occupational Training

Every resident in Regeneration gets to participate in a variety of work environments through our Occupational Training. Learning new professional and relational skills and developing a strong work ethic gives participants a sense of pride, accomplishment, and purpose. Regeneration graduates leave the program better-prepared to manage the stress of work and daily life.

Family Recovery

The ripples of addiction impact entire families. Family Recovery focuses on restoring marital and family relationships. Families learn about codependency, forgiveness, reconciliation, and much more. Couples are given the tools they need to create and sustain a Christ-centered relationship. Resources are also available to parents of those who struggle with substance abuse, so that they too can start the healing process.

Recovery Church

Church is for people that struggle and do not have it all together. In other words, all of us! As a community we gather weekly for a time of worship, Biblical teaching, fellowship, and sharing what God has been doing in our lives. We invite you to join us for a time of worship and encouragement as we seek to learn God’s will and share stories of redemption.

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