New Life Women's Home Application

To apply to New Life Women's Home and start your journey to recovery today, here's the step by step process:


Fill out the online pre-assesment form and make the initial intake call. We require that the Individual interested in the program fill out the Online form and call us at (613-394-3341) to discuss why she wants to enter the program and her current situation. *Please note we do not accept collect calls.


Review, sign and email/mail the program packet.

The Program Packet contains very important information and guidelines regarding our program. We ask that you fully read it as well as initial/sign as indicated and email or mail it to the New Life office. If the signed Program Packet can not be emailed or mailed, it must be brought with you to the intake interview.

Email Address:
Mailing Address:
New Life Recovery Ministries
Attention: Program Packet
543 Thrasher Road, Belleville ON
K0K 2V0


Schedule Admissions Interview with completed Full Application for entrance form:

An in-person interview must be scheduled with our Intake Staff during normal working business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am – 4:45 pm). The full application form will be sent out prior, this form must be completed and returned prior to the interview.  Call (613-394-3341) to schedule this appointment once your application has been filled out and returned. 


Incoming residents must bring their social Insurance card/number, photo I.D, health card and items listed in the Program Packet to the intake interview. The admissions interview should in no way be interpreted as automatic acceptance into the program; the purpose is to discern if an individual is truly ready to receive help and determine how we can best meet her needs.

*Please note: the admissions interview does not guarantee acceptance into the program

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