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Easter 2022

She once told me, “desperation is a gift”....

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Christmas 2021

Did you know that Jesus our Messiah was prophesied to come 700 years before His birth! What a long time of waiting and ant...

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Thanksgiving 2021

It’s hard to believe it’s already October, the year is going by so quickly. As I sit here at my desk, I hear the excavator...

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Staff Blog


Exposed. Truth- the deepest need of her heart unveiled. Transparency, truth, and grace exchanged through one revelation.

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Human Will Power

The will is most certainly a formidable force, influencing an individual's actions.

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A Power Greater Than Ourselves

Daily our lives are bombarded by forces looking to control us; some external, many internal.

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The Big Book

In 1935 the lives of two men would intersect, leading to a worldwide movement having impact to this very day. One man blew...

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