Our Story

Martin and Tina first began their work with New Life Women’s Home in 2020 after completing three years of intensive training in the operations of a faith-based residential recovery campus in New Brunswick.

Their journey to becoming leaders in addiction ministry began 25 years ago, when Martin was first drawn to supporting people living with substance use problems.

Then, in 2016, everything changed when they heard God speaking to them.

Someone close to them was struggling with addiction and they felt called to help. Recognizing this person needed specialized support, Martin connected them to a recovery centre in New Brunswick dedicated to helping individuals with drug and alcohol problems. This was a pivotal moment: God had led them here to equip them to start their own ministry back home.

For the next three years, Martin and Tina developed a thorough understanding of addiction and learned how to minister to people facing substance use problems.

When New Life Women’s Home asked Martin to take the lead as Executive Director in May of 2020, it was clear that God was at work, directing them to step into their ministry.

With Tina taking on Marketing and Donor Relations, the two along with their team are working to build on the foundations that were laid over thirty years ago. Together, they’re leading a renewed vision for providing healing ministry to people whose lives have been seriously impacted by substance use and other life-controlling problems.

A new campus is set to open in 2022, opening a promising new chapter in Martin and Tina’s 25-year-long journey to fulfill their calling. God is good.

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The Need for Support

Everyone knows that addiction is a complex condition that can overtake your entire life. Many people are unable to stop using drugs or alcohol regardless of the negative consequences. In Canada, approximately 21% of the population will struggle with addiction in their lifetime. Those experiencing untreated psychological or physical problems are more likely to seek out alternative ways to cope.

Individuals struggling with substance use need hands-on personalized care. Without sufficient support, many people relapse or fail to recover. But addiction doesn’t just hinder one’s ability to maintain a healthy life, it also harms relationships, affecting healthy relationships to self, others and God.

That’s why New Life Women’s Home works with residents to develop an individualized transition plan. Our staff helps residents utilize local resources and community-based relationships that provide ongoing encouragement and support during the recovery process. Here, residents learn that all things, including long-term success, are possible with God’s help.

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Board Members

Darrel Brown



Arlene Kennedy



Teresa Veenstra



Laurie Tuckey



Joe Dibbits



Bob Burkinshaw



Cathy Kuipers



The Team

Martin Vanderlaan

Executive Director

Tina Vanderlaan

Director of Marketing and Donor Relations

Carole Robichaud

Nurse Practitioner

Steph Little

Program Facilitator

Chris Little

Facilities & Grounds

Mosha Wellman

Program Facilitator

Tim Lott

Facilities & Grounds

Join us for a campus tour!

New Life Women’s Home would love to welcome you for a guided tour! Whether you are a program applicant, or someone looking to get involved, a tour is a fantastic way to learn more about our programs.

Tours can be arranged Monday-Saturday. Please call ahead.

Address: 543 Thrasher Rd. Plainfield, ON K0K 2V0

Phone Number: (613) 394-3341

Email: office@newlifecanada.org

"New Life helped me through my early challenges, and most of all I had learned that HIS TRUTH SETS ME FREE. There is no heartache, pain, affliction, or addiction that He cannot DELIVER."

Jeanette - Graduate of New Life Women's Home

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