*NOTE: New Life is modernizing and re-energizing our program. Some of the details below may change as we endeavour to help women in the best and most effective way we can.

New Life's Program

New Life offers three, 4 month semesters for women who are struggling with life-controlling issues. Women applying to New Life may apply to stay for 4 months, 8 months or the full 12-month program depending on their situation.  Although we address the outward behaviour  (drug/alcohol addiction, sexual promiscuity, eating disorders, self-abuse, and other compulsive behaviours), we go to the heart of the life-controlling problem and address the inward, or “root”, issue.

Although the program is structured to help women, we are a discipleship program first. We believe that when we turn and follow the Lord and His requirements for our lives, He brings healing! These requirements include submission to authority, honesty, discipline, and commitment to holiness.

One-on-One Mentoring

At New Life, we have a mix of certified and qualified leaders who work closely with the women in our program. Many issues that affect our women are related to their emotional and mental health.

Continuing Education

Often, women who seek help from New Life may have been unable to complete their education whether at the high school or post-secondary school level. We recognize the value of education and how it can positively affect women in the program in areas such as self-esteem and job opportunities.

Community Service

No matter what you are going through, life carries on. In order to help facilitate a smooth re-entry into life after New Life, women have the opportunity to either volunteer or work within the community while completing our program.

Bible-Based Teaching

We believe firmly in the Word of God. As a result, the principles we teach by have their foundation in the Bible.

Life Skills

Sometimes, our women have not been able to develop certain life skills. New Life encourages learning in areas such as financial responsibility and effective communication skills.

Chapel Service

Chapel Service

New Life incorporates chapel services into our program so our women have a chance to get closer to God, to hear from His Word and to grow in their relationship with Him

Creative Arts

Art is a form of expression. We encourage our ladies to find ways to use their creativity in a positive and healthy manner.



At New Life, there is a ministry team women can join. The ministry team uses their creative arts when visiting at various churches and events. They minister through song, dance, and the sharing of their testimonies.

Hear from our Grads…


  • A rewarding journey...

    My time here at New Life has been an amazing journey, and such a blessing ... even though the program was one of the hardest things that I have done, it has been one of the most rewarding.

  • I learned who I am in Christ...

    One of the most important things that changed in my life … my relationship (with God) is genuine, not just a performance. God has broken down a lot of walls ... I also have learned who I am, and who I am in Christ.

  • Living for God...

    I am now living for God, not for me or anyone else.

  • I could have never imagined...

    I could never have imagined that this is where I would be now when I stepped onto New Life’s steps and met the women that I did, and it astounds me every day. I'm thankful to God for that. so thankful for the new After Care program New Life runs.